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Heart and Flower Designs
The Design Library - Book II
Judy Balchin

Search Press
11 January 2012 / ISBN-13: 9781844487394
How-To Books/Design
Amazon US - UK

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde

If you are wondering what Search Press is going to do for a follow up to their bestselling Design Source Book series then here it is - the Design Library. Each title contains a hundred motifs in print plus a CD ROM with them all in both .jpeg and .tiff format. This second entry features heart and flower designs.

If you have read my review of the first book in the series Art Nouveau Designs by Penny Brown (also featured on this site) then you will know what to expect. The first page has a brief introduction to what lies within, and the rest of the book is the designs themselves. Each page has a line drawing or two and in this book you can find borders, frames, cartouches and motifs all on the hearts and flowers theme. There are hearts filled with flowers, hearts made of flowers, borders featuring both as well as motifs of either one or the other. If you are a fan of art nouveau then you will be pleased to see that the style many of these are drawn in echoes this movement, as well as art deco and typical Victorian romantic artwork. As with the earlier Design Source Books these are not copyright free, but the small print at the back permits you to use up to fifteen of the drawings on a single project as long as you give a quote as to where they came from. What projects you use them on is up to you; scale them up or down and use them for whatever art or craft you enjoy. I look forward to seeing the rest of the titles in this series.

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