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How To Paint Flowers in Acrylics
Tim Fisher

Search Press
16 December 2011 / ISBN-13: 9781844485826
How-To Books/Painting
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Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde

Flowers have always been a popular subject for painting, and here is a book on how to paint them using acrylics. It is also a book about acrylics and how to get the best out of them; in fact this author ought to write another book concentrating just on this as he does it so well. After closing the book this was what stayed in my mind rather than the floral paintings, good as they are. A lot of how-to books tell you what to do for the best results, but Mr Fisher explains not only why it is a good idea but also why doing something else is a bad idea. Here is information on the true difference between artists' and students' quality paints, on how to use a painting knife and clean your paintbrush properly. As well as the color wheel there is also much discussion and illustration concerning tone and how to use colors to their best advantage. There is even advice on mixing paint and how it differs with a brush and a knife…I am impressed as this is surely the type of detail that every beginner (and improver) wants to know. There are exercises on composition and examples of what not to do, and although there are only three staged examples to work through, Mr. Fisher makes the most of them. Before you even begin there is a list of what you learn in each and then the same Search Press format you expect by now of many illustrated stages with captions. I confess to being impressed and hope that this talented writer as well as artist goes on to write more of his highly informative books.

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