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Iris Quilting
Maruscha Gaasenbeek

Search Press
15 September 2011/ISBN: 9781844487868
Amazon / AMAZON UK

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde

The papercrafters reading this will know the author·s name and her long association with iris folding. But what does this have to do with the totally different craft of quilting? Ms Gaasenbeek has put the two together and come up with a new craft · iris quilting!

Just as in paper iris folding you have the pattern resembling a camera iris (nothing to do with flowers) but instead of strips you have pieces of fabric. Some of the patterns here will be familiar to anybody who has seen the author·s other books (many reviewed on this site), and you can choose from kites, hedgehog, butterflies, a lantern, tulips, yachts, topiary bay trees and abstracts. The finished pieces are shown as wall hangings and lap quilts and look stunning. Clear photographs and captions make the process easy enough for anybody au fait with quilting, but this book does not teach a total beginner what they need to know if they have no experience of this craft. The process is described once at the start of the book and the projects themselves are mostly words alone. It is not supposed to, because this is a book for the intermediate quilter who wants to try something different and it achieves this aim most effectively. See, I always said that you could do iris folding with fabric!

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