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Knits for Nerds
30 Projects: Science Fiction, Comic Books, Fantasy
Joan of Dark a.k.a Toni Carr

Andrews McMeel Publishing
February 21, 2012 / ISBN: 9781449407919
Nonfiction / Family & Home: Crafts & Hobbies

Reviewed by Beth E. McKenzie

This book is perfect for me! In the early 1980's I wrote to my local PBS station and got the pattern to knit THE SCARF for one of my sisters. Then I irreverently changed the color scheme and knitted a 20-foot rainbow for myself that I have worn ever since that time. I've made costumes off of Dragonlance covers and from museum displays, and I've tried to dress up my horse like a unicorn (NOTE: tried). Toni Carr is giving me patterns for Elf Ears and Princess Leia Hair! My husband spoke up for the Star Trek:TNG tunic so I will have to get him some yarn and needles :)

I tested a few of the patterns just to see how they worked and they are easy to read and require very little interpretation so far. The thing I like the most about this book, besides the cleverness of the text and designs, is the photographs. Each model looks like they enjoyed wearing the item they are modeling. The horse and rider on the "Fantasy" title page is a brilliant way to show the Dragon Rider Gloves; a flash of crimson in an otherwise colorless scene. And flying to the far side of the color wheel is Tank Girl in her stripes and lace and tire-tread patterned socks.

The unfortunate part of the book also has to do with the photographs. Some of the items look less than finished, as in rough around the edges. For example, the secret beaded bag looks coarse, but it is made from wool on size 8 needles so it might be a feature of the design, or it may be the lighting in the photo. And the Start Trek sweater appears to need more design work for the neck. The uncurved slit at the top isn't working for the model so it won't work for my husband either.

I can't say I get all of the jokes as I don't know who Tank Girl, Mr. Nancy or Firefly are, but that won't keep Knits for Nerds from being a fascinating addition to my pattern library. I will make the Dragon Rider Gloves and the Summer Queen Shawl at least once for myself and I see the Robot becoming an old stand-by as a stash buster and baby gift to keep on hand year-round.

Reviewed 2012
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