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Knitted Meerkats
Sue Stratford

Search Press
5 March 2012 / ISBN 9781844487745
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Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde

Meerkats are everywhere these days; from TV adverts for a certain bank to the (mis) adventures at Meerkat Manor they seem to have charmed us. Here is a whole book of patterns to knit those furry fun-loving beasties for all those around you who have gone meerkat mad…

Meerkats, as Bill Nighy has told us are 12 high but if this seems a lot of knitting don't worry, the beasties in here are 5½ for adults and a wee 2¾ for the youngsters. They appear in a wide range of costumes for various occasions as well as just for fun, and a section on how to make the basic bare body is at the beginning. This book is suitable for improvers onwards; it involves knitting with double yarn but the stitches are mostly the basic ones and the projects grow fairly quickly, which is encouraging. The patterns here are in word form rather than charts and are nicely laid out to be easy to read. They are also handsomely illustrated with the finished items in various poses and with funny captions. There are no staged diagrams on what the projects look like while being made, but provided you can follow a basic pattern this should not be too much of a problem. Meerkats are shown sporting bride and groom outfits, as babies with a miniature teddy, dressed as Santa, a punk rocker, vampire, graduate, a day at the seaside complete with cute duck inflatable and my own favorite the Bollywood wannabe star in her sari. All the characters (there are more) are shown as thumbnails at the front on a double page, making it easy to choose the right one without too much hunting, a great Search Press feature in many of their books. Small projects like these are wonderful for making quick presents, stocking fillers, party prizes, and cake decorations, so this handy book ought to get plenty of use.

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Reviewed 2012