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Knitting For Gold
Sue McBride

Search Press
29 December 2011 (1 April 2012 US) / ISBN: 9781844487912
How-To Books/Knitting
Amazon US - UK

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde

It's 2012 and people are getting ready for the Olympics…making these fun dolls will ensure that you also have a share in the fun.

As any knitter knows there is no such thing as too many books containing patterns for toys. You can use these for fundraising, stocking fillers, party prizes and more and they make up fairly fast as long as you are a reasonably proficient intermediate knitter. The author has endeavoured to make this book as simple as possible but I do not think that the projects are really easy enough for a beginner. You need to know how to read a pattern and all the other basics first and have a few projects under your belt before tackling any of these. Instructions are give in words only, no charts which will suit most knitters from the UK and US; look at the back for a short list of other books to enjoy and a useful mention of another Search Press book on how to knit. All notes not pertaining to individual patterns are given at the beginning on a single page - basic materials, tension, stuffing, sewing up etc. Then it is on with the patterns that make up the bulk of the book. Most Olympic events are covered and there are twenty dolls in here, ten of each gender. Each has a name and full knitted equipment as well as the necessary clothes, including a pattern for a medal at the end. Male dolls have a white band for underpants as part of them while female dolls have removable sports bras and knickers. Dolls have wire inside to be poseable, omit for playthings rather than ornaments.

Choose from a runner, footballer, fencer, karate, dressage, skier, archer, snowboarder etc all handsomely illustrated with full-page photographs. I think that most knitters will have a lot of fun with this book.

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Reviewed 2012
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