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Machine Embroidered Seascapes
Alison Holt

Search Press
23 May 2012 (US 1 September 2012) / ISBN: 9781844486847
How-To Books/Machine Embroidery
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Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde

I remarked recently that Search Press doesn’t publish many hardcover books but here is another one, and something rather out of the ordinary. They have published books on machine embroidery before, including more than one by this author (check the archive for reviews) but not one on seascapes.

This will obligingly open out flat on your table and stay there while you work on your own masterpiece. You don’t need much to take up this addictive hobby and if you own a sewing machine you have most of it already, something which is always encouraging. There is plenty to inspire you once the nuts and bolts are out of the way: buy postcards, take photographs, keep a small sketchbook and look at the author’s own efforts in this line. Look at examples of capturing all the components of a seascape, compose and plan. I found reading this to be very inspiring, getting me thinking about all the elements of the picture I wanted to create and how to put them across in the best way. Pictures speak louder than words with art and there are plenty of these with the text explaining what has been done and why. There is a chapter on transferring the design and another showing all the different effects done with stitches and how to achieve them. Capture the sea in different moods, pebbles, rocks, headlands and skies and work through a tutorial on using paper to convey the effect of foaming waves. There are three projects in here two of the type Search Press has made its own with lots of staged photographs with captions, a foolproof way of working through a project. The large format and lush photography combined with a hands-on approach that is hard to resist had me reaching for my sewing machine. A great book for any machine embroiderer’ shelf, beginner through to advanced.

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