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Start Origami
Mark Bolitho

Search Press
16 February 2012 / ISBN: 9781844487387
Non-Fiction/ How-to / Papercraft
Amazon US - UK

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde

Origami is one of those crafts that is suitable for a vast range of people. There are many fine books already on the market, but this is one that is aimed purely at beginners (or perhaps anybody needing to brush up on forgotten skills).

Small and slender, this modest volume is just the thing for anybody who wants to learn origami. It is easy to get put off by the fact that too many origami books like to put their most advanced models on the cover, even if they are only featured in a gallery! This has more modest but impressive models and goes from a short potted history to choosing papers, learning what all the symbols mean and getting au fait with the way instructions are presented. That being out of the way it is on with the actual folding, and some effective but reassuringly simple folds. Each model is shown in a series of diagrams each with a short caption, and the colored (or top) side of the paper is shown in a color. This works best with the paler shades, as for the darker ones you will need to be in a good light to make them out. In the next chapter you get to learn about bases, and further chapters introduce 3D models and even modular origami where larger models are built up out of smaller folds. At the back is a short chapter on advanced folding, which is a good reason to hang onto the book after you have learnt the basics. As for the models themselves there are flat folds that look great on a greetings card (especially the shirt), handy boxes and hats to wear if made large enough, models for the table at celebrations and more. For its modest price (under £7 or $15) this is a good basic book for beginners.

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Reviewed 2012