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Stitch, Cloth, Shimmer and Shine
Sarah Lawrence

Search Press
28 February 2012 (US 1 May 2012) / ISBN-13: 9781844486274
How-To Books/Needlecraft
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Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde

Have fun with needlecrafts and use a whole host of new and exciting materials to make your mark! Stitch by hand or use your sewing machine in conjunction with all the latest ways to paint, emboss, print, stick, and gild.

This is not a book of projects to work through step by step. The author suggests the reader thinks of it more in the way of a recipe book where you use a bit of this idea and some of that to make your own special creation. If you are up to using a recipe book in this manner rather than plodding determinedly through point by point then you can consider yourself a reasonably competent chef, and this book is not aimed at the beginner stitcher. As there are a vast number of books for beginners but fewer for advanced or even intermediate crafters, this one is very welcome. Lushly illustrated and in a large format with a hardcover, this is one for the shelf to inspire and instruct the crafter on how to use many techniques more aimed at the papercrafting market as a rule. Hand embossing on metal, using solvent markers or inks, rubbing gilding waxes, die cutting and rubber stamps are all methods used by cardmakers and scrapbookers, but you can also use them on fabric. Not all of these ideas are washable but will produce some wonderful pieces to hang on your wall. Chapters show you how to use these methods with a particular emphasis on cloth instead of paper, and there are lots of lovely examples of what it all looks like. The last few chapters explain how some finished pieces are made, and also various methods familiar to jewellery makers are explored.. The style is very abstract with lots of line and circles, which has the effect of freeing up the crafter if drawing is a problem, and it is all pretty timeless too, rather than the current fashion. A lovely book to inspire and instruct.

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Reviewed 2012