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Tulips in Watercolour
Ready To Paint Series
Fiona Peart

Search Press
18 October 2011/ISBN: 9781844487233
Amazon / AMAZON UK

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde

The ever-growing Ready To Paint series now has a third floral title, and the second by this artist. This time it is the turn of one of my own favorite flowers the tulip.

As usual, this book starts with a short section on what to buy and why. It is always a good idea to tell readers why you need an item, and this book does just that, so you don·t ever feel you are being made to buy something you won·t often need. Find out what brushes are best, notes on choosing paper, the color paints for these paintings and a few other ordinary items (not very many). Again, there is in inevitable short section on how to transfer the tracings, and then the projects start. There are five plus one extra one where you don·t get the instructions, but after such exhaustive illustrated instructions, you will be more than ready. These are studies of tulips, from large close-ups to many blooms in a vase. The five are shown on the back that cover several colors and varieties of tulip in various settings. Each project is described in at least thirty illustrated steps, each one showing what new detail has been added and how to do it. You can·t go wrong with this, and it is surely the best way of learning to paint ever. Even better, once you have finished your work you don·t have to hide it away · upload it to the Ready To Paint page on Facebook and everybody can see it!

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Reviewed 2012