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When Granny Meets Filet
Home and Fashion Designs, Plus 50 Granny Squares and 91 Filet Stitches
Bendy Carter

Annie's Attic
17 February 2012 / ISBN-13: 9781596354210
How-To Books/Crochet
Amazon US - UK

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde

Inside these covers are no less than 50 granny squares to crochet, plus 91 filet stitches for your own designs. Combine them to create items to wear or for the home.

This is not a book for beginners, but there is a helpful link to a website that will give you basic instructions at the back, along with a metric to Imperial conversion chart, stitch abbreviations, and a brief reminder of how the basic stitches are done. The rest of the book is devoted to those colorful squares, made up in double knit yarn and the filet small half and larger squares. These are the building blocks of more squares so you have an endless library of patterns for whatever you want to craft out of these shapes. To give you a start there are also instructions given for the items shown on the covers: a cardigan, afghan, headband, fingerless gloves and pillow to name some. As with everything in this book it is all straight to the point with the instructions laid out in easily digestible blocks but without actual staged diagrams. Simple enough for improvers to follow and aided on every page by gorgeous colored photographs, this ought to be a book any crocheter will hang on to.

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Reviewed 2012