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1000 Mini Cross Stitch Motifs
Sharon Welch

Search Press
3 September 2013 / ISBN 9781844488940
How-To Books/Cross Stitch
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Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde

Cross stitch first became a fashionable craft pastime in the early 90s, but has remained popular ever since. Here is a book of a thousand wee motifs to stitch on their own or combine for larger projects. It also shows even the novice stitcher how easy and versatile cross stitch is and how little you need to take it up. The basics are given at the beginning such as how to work the stitch, plus back stitch, the different types of fabric available and how to start. The rest of the book is the motifs which speak for themselves. Divided up into handy sections, you can find plenty for Christmas, Easter and other occasions (new baby, birthday, wedding etc) as well as plants and animals, teddies, national characters, gardens and more. The theme is firmly cute, with lots of teddies in more than just their own section and a bold, simple style. Stitches tend to be whole rather than aided with lots of partial stitches so this will be good news for beginners or anybody in a hurry. Each pattern is shown in color with symbols too and a page at the back shows you what color to buy from DMC. These tend to be bright rather than subtle colors so easy to obtain, although a fold out chart would have been a bonus and eliminated much page flipping. This would be a great gift for anybody who likes the cute style and is either a beginner or makes lots of cards or both. A good way of getting a lot of useful small designs in one volume.

UK Reviewer: Rachel Hyde's work can be found in Sewing World, Sew Hip, Popular Crafts and other magazines. Her craft blog is Green Thoughts
Reviewed 2013