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Acrylics Unleashed
Glyn Macey

Search Press
21 December 2012 (US 1 April 2013) / ISBN: 9781844487967

How-To Books/Painting


Reviewed by Rachel A. Hyde

Acrylics are the newest type of paint around, and the most versatile.  You can use them like watercolors, or like oils, or like their own selves.  If you are like Mr Macey you can even throw out the rulebook and take off on your own artistic adventure with them…

Frequent readers of my reviews will know that I do like a bit of originality and a fresh approach to a subject.  I also admire people who recycle what they already have and eschew buying the most expensive art materials in the store. They gets my vote every time.  The author of this book does all this and more, championing student quality paints and even making his mark with house painting brushes.  He also cuts up magazines and uses them in his work, as well as found objects such as sand and shells.  If you are wondering where all this might lead and whether it is going to be all abstract art then think again – the work in here are mostly landscapes and seascapes, many of his native Cornwall.  This is not a gallery book either, but a hands-on approach to painting and having fun while while it, and is complete with nine projects.  All the usual things you expect to find in an art book are here of course – choosing a palette, getting different effects, composing your picture, etc. and also how to use found objects and those magazines.  There is a stunning rendition of New York in here made of these that just says it all – a brilliant fusion of the cityscape and the abstract with a message of its own about consumerism to impart.  Elsewhere try your hand at harbour scenes; the sun drenched Mediterranean, beaches, flowers, woods and more.  It is a freer way of working that emphasizes the fun element while having a good underpinning of all the painting know-how no artist can do without.  A most impressive and refreshing book on all levels, one for the keeper shelf. 

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Reviewed 2013