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The Art of Beadweaving
Jane Lock

Search Press
16 September 2013 / ISBN 9781844489640
How-To Books/Beadwork
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Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde

This book shows you how to make jewellery using the small rocaille or seed beads that are widely available. Dealing with both on and off loom stitches this will teach you how to make a variety of jewellery items.

Despite the piece on the front and many inside that might pop out at the casual browser, this is a beginner’s book. You can learn about the beads themselves as well as mastering such popular stitches as brick, peyote, netting, right angle weave and more. Make beaded beads and use a beadloom, then try out your new knowledge with a range of simple beginner’s pieces. All through the book (and on the cover) are more complex, showy pieces that are sure to tempt experienced beaders like myself to think that this is a book for the advanced beader…it isn’t. This is a pity, as apart from the misleading gallery of artists’ work this is otherwise an excellent book to learn with, free of confusing extraneous knowledge and filled with clear diagrams and photographs. There are also helpful sections at the beginning on how to use the book, as well as the basics about choosing tools, thread and other things, planning color schemes and more. In fact, this is one book that ought to have the word “beginner” in the title and I hope that many people who want to learn this type of beadwork find it, as it is one of the better books around to start off with.

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Reviewed 2013