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The Art of Embroidered Butterflies
Jane E Hall

Search Press
 October 25, 2012/ ISBN: 13:9781844485307

Reviewed by Rachel A. Hyde

Jane E Hall’s name is synonymous with Search Press’s rare forays into the world of the hardback book. This means you can expect a lushly illustrated item that would grace any coffee table and you certainly won’t be disappointed.  If you are hoping for a hands-on how-to book filled with projects you will have to go on wanting, but experienced embroiderers can use the pictures and descriptions of techniques to create their own masterpieces.  Ms. Hall sets out to celebrate the butterfly in both life and art, as each chapter is devoted to one of twelve species of British butterfly. You can find out all about them and what food plants they like, gaze upon photographs of the living creatures and discover how the author sets about capturing their likeness in fabric and stitching.  Read about why butterflies are so endangered, and discover how the Large Blue has been brought back from extinction by the work of conservationists.  You can also read Ms. Hall’s personal involvement with butterflies and the painstaking process of making both the insects themselves and the settings she places them in.  There are many photos too of her lovely home,  a perfect setting for creation, although if I had discovered the butterflies were made on a rickety kitchen table in a caravan it wouldn’t have detracted from the beauty of the finished work.  Read (this is no picture book, there are a lot of words in here), gaze at the polished photographs and be inspired not only to create but also to try and help save these fragile creatures. 

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