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The Complete Book of Origami Animals
David Woodroffe

Constable (Constable and Robinson)
7 November 2013 / ISBN 9781472109118
How-To Books/Papercraft / Juvenile to Adult
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Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde

Ever wanted to have a go at origami but thought it looked too complicated? This is a book with a wildlife theme that shows even the total tyro how to fold those squares like a pro.

It does too, it truly does! There are forty different species in here to fold and a good section on how to interpret the symbols, as well as what you can use. All you need is paper, but sensibly this is the first origami book I have seen that does not assume your local stores are awash with a wide range of origami paper. As it is not that easy to find (or cheap to buy) the author instead shows you how to make the perfect square out of things like printer paper, newspaper and wrapping paper. This is a bigger format book than most origami books too so the diagrams are larger, and therefore easier to follow. There are also quite a lot of them for each model as well as captions for foolproof folding. Each model has several pages of stages in a colour (front) and white (back) as well as a picture of the finished item. Projects are grouped roughly in order of difficulty and you can choose from such diverse subjects as a dinosaur, inflatable frog, lifelike penguin, flapping bird, elegant seahorse and 3D lizard head to name a few. Who is the book for? Nobody specific, although the simple text would be ideal for a child, reassuring to any adult who thinks origami is too difficult and the models can be enjoyed by anybody. One for the keeper shelf, and a wonderful stocking filler.

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Reviewed 2013