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Complete Guide To Drawing Animals
Gottfried Bammes

Search Press
19 April 2013 (US 1 July 2013)/ ISBN 9781844489213
How-To Books/Drawing
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Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde

If you have seen Mr Bammes’’ earlier work The Complete Guide to Life Drawing (also reviewed on this site) then you will be familiar with his style. If not, prepare for an impressively exhaustive course in drawing. Most art books teach you how to draw the outside of something, but here you are also instructed about what is inside the subjects you are drawing. Getting the structure right is after all more likely to result in a lifelike representation, and this book goes into anatomy in some depth. There are pictures of skeletons and proportions all marked out, which is very helpful. Each chapter also contains plenty of things to try out for yourself, including observation of your would-be subjects. To its detriment, at times there is rather too much information about anatomy. Reading through pages of this type of thing if you are interested in drawing rather than training to be a vet can be more than a little daunting, as well as difficult to understand. Skipping through and concentrating on the drawing alone is not quite enough to truly grasp it all, so I would recommend this book to those who are truly determined to master the art of drawing animals rather than the dabbler. Some prior knowledge of (or at least interest in) anatomy would be a help too but if this is you then after having worked through this book you should be pretty au fait with the art of wildlife drawing.

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Reviewed 2013