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How to Decorate and Embellish Your Fabrics
author Laurie Wisbrun

Search Press
November 13, 2012/ ISBN 13:9781844488339

How-To/Fabric Craft

Reviewed by Rachel A. Hyde

You might be thinking that you can already buy fabric that is printed, embellished or otherwise adorned, but how much more fun it is to do it yourself.  It is possible to have whatever you want on your fabric, the only limit is your imagination and maybe not knowing  how to achieve the right look.  

This book gives fabric crafters lots of ways to decorate their materials.  Perhaps it spreads itself a bit thin covering so many different topics, but I look on it as a taster, giving you a glimpse of what is out there.  At the beginning is a list of lists, telling you what you need to buy in order to do that particular method.  This is very useful, letting  you know what is possible with only a bit of shopping and what will entail buying expensive and/or hard to source items.  Following that are sections on fabrics and ways of designing patterns by hand and on computer (Adobe Photoshop).  Then there are the chapters dealing with the various grouped methods for printing, dyeing, and embellishing with an assortment of items and embroidery of many types.  Each chapter includes a section with the work of a designer and an interview with them.  Personally, I found that this added nothing to the book at all, and the section on ­Going struck me as a curious add-on for a book dealing with the basics in a number of disparate decoration methods.  I was interested to see the staged photographs showing basic ways of doing each method and at the back are lists of useful books to take it further, websites in various countries and a glossary. A useful taster book that lets the reader know what is out there when it comes to decorating fabric..

UK Reviewer: Rachel Hyde's work can be found in Sewing World, Sew Hip, Popular Crafts and other magazines. Her craft blog is Green Thoughts
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