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Embroidered Art
Lindsay Taylor

Search Press
)20 June 2013 (US 1 November 2013)/ ISBN 9781844487783
How-To Books/Sewing
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Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde

Sweep everything off your coffee table (no, not the full cups!) and make way for the coffee table book of the year. This is a pictorial autobiography of the life, work and methods of one Lindsay Taylor, embroideress extraordinaire.

When a book comes shrink-wrapped and has a padded cover you know to expect a visual feast inside and you won’t be disappointed. Ms. Taylor tells the story of her idyllic bucolic childhood in the Isle of Wight, her training, assignments and projects in a mixture of words and photographs. Read about her methods and get motivated by them, find out what inspires her and how she interprets nature and turns it into stitched works of art. Feast your eyes on gallery chapters filled with her three dimensional flowers, her wedding dresses and other gowns, glorious hats, bags, jewelry and shoes meant for showing, not wearing. If a queen of the fairies really existed, these are the items she’d have in her wardrobe! For the rest of us it’s interesting to see what can be done with humble thread and a lot of imagination. It inspired me to add a bit of something extra to my sundresses and accessories next year. This isn’t a book of projects. there’re no instructions or diagrams in here, but for anybody who embroiders and has reached the stage where they are more in need of stimulation than instruction, this is a good book to add to your sourcebook shelf. Or coffee table, of course.

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Reviewed 2013