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Felt Christmas Decorations
Twenty To Make Series
Corinne Lapierre

Search Press
5 July 2013 (1 September 2013 in USA) / ISBN: 9781844489435
How-To Books/Needlecraft
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Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde

Make a start on your Christmas decorations with these fast and fun felt fantasies. Unbreakable, simple and modern they are sure to withstand the rough and tumble of the festive season better than traditional glass…

The Scandinavian theme is spot on at the time of publication, so draw the curtains, put on one of their popular detective series and get crafting! Muted gray, red, white and pale blue is the core palette for these creations and the theme continues with birds, elves, reindeer (my favorite) and decorations of embroidered stars and snowflakes. There are also old favorites such as gingerbread men, toy soldier and angels as well as a clever woven basket, pot shaped like a jester’sjester’s hat, felt name tags, letters to tuck small gifts into and the inevitable advent calendar, here shown as fashionable bunting. Each project consists of a whole page photograph plus a page of instructions, materials and tools. The lists of tools are a very useful feature; it is easy to compile a shopping list from materials used in a project but also easy to forget what you need to make the item. All the tools are things most people will own anyway and the main material is the felt itself, plus stuffing and thread. Children can attempt many of the items. – I have memories of being eight and embroidering a felt bee, – so families and groups can craft together. Maybe Dad can have a go at actually making felt by shrinking an old jumper in a washing machine.…There is nothing quite as special as home made decorations at Christmas, and here is a great collection of them that cleverly managinges cleverly to avoid merely rehashing what can easily be imagined.


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Reviewed 2013