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How To Draw Flowers and Trees
How To Draw Series
Denis John-Naylor, Janet Whittle and Penny Brown

Search Press
14 January 2013/ ISBN 9781844488766
How-To Books/Drawing

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Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde

This is a compendium of five other books in this series, namely those on flowers, garden flowers, exotic flowers, wild flowers and trees.  If you already have these titles this is not a new book, but if you don’t. this is an excellent way of getting them all at once.

This series of books shows you how, in about eight stages, to draw something.  Starting with the simplest shapes, with each new stage more is added to the drawing in a different color, so you can see where you have been and what you need to do next.  The final two pictures show the image shaded in with pencil and then painted in color. The first six steps are ideal for total beginners at drawing, but it is not always easy to work out how to get from a line drawing to something that has the look of the work of a good artist.  The same goes for the painted image: – you need to know how to paint.  They are, however, excellent for the artist who already knows about the basics of drawing but is used to tackling other subjects.  The information in here is all they would need to start on a new range of pictures.  Unlike many other Search Press series, there are few words in here, just the introductions to each section and an index of images so you know what you are drawing.  Perhaps the best one for a genuine beginner is the book on trees, as the final line drawing shows where the shading goes, and all the more difficult areas have been done by this stage.

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Reviewed 2013