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How To Draw Garden Flowers
How To Draw Series
Penny Brown

Search Press
18 July 2013 (1 September 2013 US) / ISBN: 9781844488797
How-To Books/Drawing
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Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde

The useful How To Draw series' latest title shows you how to draw a perennially popular subject, garden flowers.

This series of primers shows you how to draw a set of about twenty-eight related pictures in about eight stages. It starts with the simplest lines and shapes and progresses by showing each new stage with the pervious lines in one color and the new lines in another for ease of understanding. showing what has been added to the drawing in a different color. The last two pictures show a tonal image in pencil and another image painted in watercolors. Few words are needed with this approach and they are all on one page in the form of an introduction, along with a list of the flowers chosen. As with many of the titles in this series, there is a great leap between the simple line drawing and the tonal image, and I would recommend this book primarily to those who can already draw but want to have a go at a new subject. There is a good range of flowers chosen from the invariable rose, lily and magnolia to the more unusual corncockle, globe flower and frangipani. This is a little like the way I learned to draw from the Walter Foster series and will take budding artists quite far, especially used in conjunction with other Search Press books on basic drawing skills.

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Reviewed 2013