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How To Draw Insects
How To Draw Series
Dandi Palmer

Search Press
10 March 2013 (1 May 2013 US)/ ISBN 9781844484478
How-To Books/Drawing

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Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde

Here is the latest title in the popular How To Draw series, this time focusing on a more unusual subject--the wonderful world of insects.

If you haven’t seen any of the other titles, this is a series that shows you how to draw a set of themed subjects in about eight stages.  It starts with the simplest shapes, with each new stage showing what has been added to the drawing in a different color. The final two pictures usually show the image shaded in with pencil, and then painted in color.  This book shows the insect as a line drawing in black ink, and then the same inked drawing with the addition of colored pencils.  Some of the titles leave out too many stages between the last simple stage and the first shaded pencil depiction but not this one.  The clear, crisp lines of the ink are ideal for these slightly simplified but attractive studies of insect life, although the colored pencils are a bit pale to truly capture some of the lovely hues of the brighter specimens.   Apart from a brief introduction this is, like all the others in the series, a book where the pictures do the talking.  There is a list to help identification, and you can then choose from a lissom dragonfly, ball-rolling dung beetle, impressive hornet, huge goliath beetle and my own favorite the beautiful oleander hawk moth, plus twenty-three others.  This is one of the best titles in the series, truly suitable for a beginner and a lot of fun to work through.


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Reviewed 2013