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Painting Flowers on Cakes
The Modern Cake Decorator
Stephanie Weightman

Search Press
21 June 2013 (US 1 October 2013) / ISBN: 9781844489510
How-To Books / Sugarcraft
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Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde

If you, like this reviewer, have tried to paint using food coloring you will know that the results are not the same as painting on paper or fabric. If this effect is what you are trying to achieve it can be disappointing, but no longer. TV personality and all-round craftswoman Stephanie Weightman has discovered how to make real paints that you can use to decorate cakes in exactly the same way you use acrylics! Here's how it is done.

You don't even need to buy a lot of new items to do it with which is always heartening. These are not paints you buy to add to what you already own, but ones you mix yourself using powder food colors and a couple of other things, then apply with bristle brushes. This is not a recipe book so you will have to look elsewhere for recipes for cakes, sugarpastes, frosting etc but this leaves more room for the lovely projects. Start by learning how to flat ice and otherwise provide a flat surface for painting on, and then practisepractice your brush strokes to paint leaves, petals and berries. There are several types of cake in here ranging from the ever-popular cupcakes to round cakes (mostly 10"), a heart shaped cake and various tiered examples, including two unusual and very effective wedding cakes. Flowers range from lavender, a sunflower, roses, pansies, lilies plus dragonflies and three-dimensional butterflies. Each project is illustrated with a large photograph of the finished piece, plus steps with smaller photographs showing how it is done. This is a lovely and hands-on book that is sure to make painters and sugarcrafters alike race to the nearest kitchen to have a go.

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Reviewed 2013