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Painting Watercolor Trees The Easy Way
Brush With Watercolours
Terry Harrison

Search Press
19 December 2012 / ISBN: 9781844487790
How-To / Painting

Reviewed by Rachel A. Hyde

Trees are popular subjects for painting and not many landscapes can do without them.  Here is a guide on how to capture their elusive and special qualities with the medium of watercolors.

I think Mr Harrison must be the only other person like myself, who does not stretch his paper, but presses it afterwards.  Find out how in here along with all the usuals such as what paints to buy in order to paint trees and woods, working with photographs, kitting out your working area and composing a picture.  

Before you get to the paintings there are many techniques to practice, such as painting skies, leaves, trunks, using various brushes and other products etc.  I like the way these are also in staged project form with all the photos and captions that make Search Press books so user-friendly.  

Next, you will move on with studies of trees through the seasons and different types of tree to practice what you have learnt. Finally, there is the largest section with plenty of paintings to tackle.  These are again varied in their seasons, and include a bluebell wood (my favorite), waterside views, a winter scene, a mountain scene and an avenue of trees in autumn.  As well as the step-by-step instructions, there are a couple of similar paintings discussed afterwards, which makes for a nice touch.  You can actually learn the mysteries of painting trees in here, which makes it such a worthwhile purchase. 

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