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A Passion For Colour
Ruth Issett

Search Press
16 October 2013 / ISBN 9781844487455
How-To Books/Art
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Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde

The title of this book says its contents in a nutshell; it concerns the author's passion for color. Ms Issett is a textile artist and embroiderer, and her mission is to impart this enthusiasm and help readers to explore their own relationship with color in all its glory. Her work is largely abstract, and the lush photographs in this large and lavishly illustrated book certainly got me itching to grab a handful of colorful materials and get creating. She starts with talking about her love of color, and lists all the things she can think of under each color heading on pages covered with lush pictures of bright and subtle fabrics. Then the next chapter explores materials and what you need to get started and why, through keeping a sketchbook and why this is a good idea.

Get started with making color charts and wheels yourself, discovering how colors mix together, working with black and white and looking at the values of colors from transparent to intense. Looking at the vibrant pictures and reading the author's excited and passionate words certainly got me wanting to explore colors more fully and I like the idea of making paper collages then using them as a starting point for other work. The chapter after this looks at fabric collages, and how to select fabrics and also make pictures of just strips. Other topics include looking at the work of other artists for inspiration and taking work further into pure color studies, depicting foliage and developing your own ideas. This is a book to sit down with and read fully, or just delve into when in search of inspiration and a starting point for a new project. I think it would have something to offer for both artists and craftspeople - an exciting and vibrant way of looking at color.

UK Reviewer: Rachel Hyde's work can be found in Sewing World, Sew Hip, Popular Crafts and other magazines. Her craft blog is Green Thoughts
Reviewed 2013