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Quilted Flowers
Love To Sew Series
Nikki Tinkler

Search Press
15 May 2013 / ISBN 9781844488476
How-To Books/Sewing

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Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde

All of the projects in this book are inspired by flowers and are a great way to learn quilting without having to buy a lot of fabric. These are all small items, and a fun way of recycling leftovers from larger projects.

There are twenty projects in here and yes, this book is suitable for beginners. More experienced quilters will also find much in here to please, particularly because there are none of the large and challenging projects normally found in books on quilting. Instead there are greetings cards, bags, bunting, cushions, tree decorations, a phone case and, of course, a quilt, but a mini one. The introduction states that once you have made a few of the items in here you will be almost ready to tackle a full-sized project. You can learn the stitches and what you need to own in order to start quilting (both hand and machine), which fortunately is not much if you already sew. Each project features a whole page photograph, templates and written instructions as well as a list of what you need, helpfully including a list of all the tools. This is a great little book for a beginner as it isnlt daunting, and as you make up the simple and useful items it will teach you most of the basics of quilting.

Reviewed 2013