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Ready To Paint Horses In Acrylics
Ready To Paint Series
Dave White

Search Press
25 February 2013 (US 1 June 2013) / ISBN-13: 9781844488179
How-To Books/Painting
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Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde

Horses are notoriously hard to capture on canvas; now help is at hand with a Ready To Paint book on the subject. In common with all the others in this award-winning series this is a great place to get to grips with painting something you love. Drawing ability takes a backseat to these six tracings and, as ever, the excellent and flawlessly staged instructions allow everybody to have work they can display and be proud of.

You can find some good advice in here about choosing paints and brushes and here is one artist who does not advocate buying everything in the store. Five of the tracings are covered by a detailed project where every step has a photo of what needs to be done next, plus a useful caption. The sixth tracing has no instructions; you are on your own to work it all out with the aid of a large picture of the finished work. Each one teaches you a bit more about painting with acrylics, from getting the color of a horse to look convincing to capturing a sense of speed and movement. Choose from a show jumper, a mare and foal scene, horse head, steeplechaser, horse and rider plus my own favorite of a white horse galloping happily in the surf. What you don't learn here is how to draw horses and understand their anatomical structure, but these things are covered in other Search Press books. This one does very well what it sets out to do; give horse lovers who are beginner artists a chance to see how much they enjoy painting with acrylics. You can even share your masterpieces with the online world on a special Facebook page. These books are the best way I know to discover the joy of painting without a flesh and blood tutor.


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Reviewed 2013