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Ready To Paint Orchids In Watercolor
Ready to Paint Series
Ann Mortimer

Search Press
release / ISBN April 2013/13: 9781844488216

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde

Orchids are one of the most exotic, mysterious and fascinating of flowers. Difficult to grow and maintain, they symbolize nature at its most glamorous and fragile. Capture their beauty for yourself with this book on how to paint them.

As with all Ready To Paint books this is an excellent place for beginners to start. It doesn’t matter if you cannot draw, the tracings in this book take that part in hand and you can get on with painting. Small wonder this groundbreaking series has won awards – this one gets my vote for not getting tyro artists to invest too much money before they know whether they want to take it up as a hobby or not. There are six tracings and five step-by-step projects, each in many photographic stages for a foolproof painting experience. Each one teaches you a bit more about watercolor technique, from painting washes to working with masking fluid, lighting effects to capturing the flowers’ elusive qualities. The sixth tracing has no instructions; you are on your own to work it all out with the aid of a large picture of the finished work. The best way I know of for beginners to learn how to paint without a good tutor on hand.

Reviewed 2013