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Stitched Textiles: Flowers
Bobby Britnell

Search Press
3 May 2013/ ISBN 9781844487318
How To / Crafts
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Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde

This book shows you how much fun you can have with fabric. Paint it, dye it, sew on it and more to make colorful pictures, cushions and more to decorate your home.

What else all the projects have in common is that they all have a floral theme. Apart from describing materials you might need the book starts with a good section on designing your work, elements of design, looking for inspiration and drawing. This is not a book on how to draw flowers (Search Press already publishes several books on this topic) but there is a good look at design in here to whet the appetite. The section on materials looks rather daunting, and for those who only want to make items that can be washed many things can be discarded apart from the initial drawing stage. I wished that there was a table stating what mark-making items can and cannot be washed but this must be discovered through trial and error. There are certainly lots of hands-on projects to try out, from making all kinds of prints to dyeing methods, painting, stencils, hand and machine embroidery, foiling, discharge paste and more. All these projects are illustrated with large format staged photographs making the processes far more accessible than the wee print on manufacturers labels, and it is easy to have fun with your fabric without too much prior experience. At the back are a few items to make up such as a cushion, pincushion, needle book and wall hanging but this is primarily a book on how to use all the wonderful mark making products currently on the market. One for the keeper shelf!


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Reviewed 2013