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Stitched Textiles: Landscapes
Kathleen Matthews

Search Press
24 April 2013 / ISBN-13: 9781844487202
How-To Books/Sewing
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Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde

In the same series as Stitched Textiles: Flowers, this book shows you how to make landscapes, the inspiration behind some beautiful and fun to make projects.

If you have the earlier title and are expecting something in the same style don’t: this is a very different book from an artist with a totally different style. All the pieces in this book are quilts to start with although if like this reviewer you do not make quilts the methods are perfect for many other items too. Unless you want to go all the way and dye your own fabrics you don’t need much to make the pieces shown here, and most if not all of it will already be in the possession of anybody with a sewing machine. Learn how to design a good composition and lay down scraps of fabric before stitching over them with the machine. It is a simple method but what you do with it decides the merit of the work, I like that. Infinite pictures and designs are possible without much work. The method is shown in many easy stages in Search Press style, with lots of small photos with captions showing what to add to each to make the picture. There are sections on how to portray different landscape elements such as skies, water, trees, hills, buildings etc. and all four seasons shown. Finally, there are five well described and illustrated projects so you can test your knowledge and have a go yourself. Plenty of large format photographs show the works in detail, and all of it had me itching to get started. There is of course a section on dyeing your own cloth and thread if you wish to do so, and even if you don’t think how much recycling of odd bits of fabric you can do. One of the best hands-on user friendly books of its kind and definitely a keeper.

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Reviewed 2013