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Stonesetting for Contemporary Jewelry Makers
Melissa Hunt

Search Press
Dec 24, 2012 (UK) Jan 23,2013 (US)/ ISBN 13:9781844489060
How-To/Jewelry Making

Reviewed by Rachel A. Hyde

This is a book for somebody with a studio or at least a place for actual metalworking.  There are no beads here to string or polymer clay to mold, instead this  book is filled with traditional techniques for making modern metal jewelry.  

The methods here have been tested by time but the tools and settings, many ready-made, are contemporary and designed to appeal to today’s jewelry maker and wearer. As I know nothing about this subject it all went rather over my head, but if you too are a beginner and want to find out how to do this type of craft it is all in here.  It starts off with an illustrated list of what you will need (rather a lot) to a guide to terms for stone types and all about the stones (and other materials).  This shows you a photo of the stone and tells you useful things such as where it comes from, how hard it is, crystal group and various other technical details.  The next chapter deals with all the methods such as cutting metal, pickling to get rid of impurities, soldering etc. with simple drawings and instructions.  Further chapters deal with different settings including snap-in, claw, pave etc. each with a short gallery of work to admire along with the instructions.  Find out how to wrap beads with wire, and string pearls, which is surely a departure but does involve working with precious rather than costume materials for real jewelry.  At the back is a section with things like health and safety information, ring sizes, metal thicknesses etc. plus a list of books that delve deeper into the subject.  As far as I can tell this is a useful book for those wanting to tackle this type of jewelry, although total beginners might be advised to enroll in a class. 

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Reviewed 2013