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The Art of Papercutting
Jessica Palmer

Search Press
12 July 2015/ ISBN 9781782210665
How-To Books/Papercutting

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


Be your own die cutting machine and decorate cards, albums and more with your own papercuts. This ancient craft is enjoying a revival, and if you need an excuse to pick up a knife and get cutting, this book might just be it. Part instruction manual and part art book, this is going to be a talking point when it is on your coffee table, as well as something to delve into for inspiration. There is a lot of that in here: lots of illustrations of the work the author has done to get the creative juices flowing. You can also find out what you need to obtain to get started (not much, this is a very cheap hobby) and how it is done. Some of the advice involves how to look at things like a papercutter, and where to look for ideas, for the actual cutting part is mostly about doing it rather than reading how to do it. At the back of the book are twelve templates, mostly of nature and a couple of faces, as well as a project involving tracing a real object in order to cut it out (a seahorse). The bulk of the book is a look at the artist’s own work, and that of her students, which shows just what can be achieved with practice and some innate talent. If you are hoping for more step-by-step projects than a couple, this is maybe not the best book, and I think those who will get the most out of it are those with an art rather than a craft background (hence the title), but then papercutting is as much an art as a craft.

If you cannot find a good range of papercutting materials locally try for a list of suppliers.
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Reviewed 2015