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Bead Embroidery
Essential Stitch Guide
Royal School of Needlework Series
Shelley Cox

Search Press
5 November 2013 / ISBN 9781844489237
How-To Books/Embroidery

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde



The latest entry in this excellent series shows the embroiderer how to make something really sumptuous and special, and have fun doing it. As with all the books, it shows even a fairly new stitcher exactly what to do in a modern, straightforward style. The book starts by opening out obligingly flat due to its spiral bound spine, always helpful for following diagrams and reading instructions while you work. Start off with a brief history of beads and their use in embroidery, illustrated with a few useful and attractive photographs of historical pieces. Discover what you need and why, and discover how to use a slate frame. Most of the book is divided into stitches for counted thread work and freestyle stitches; these are illustrated with a photograph of the stitch as part of a piece of work and a computer image or photograph of how to work the stitch. These are both very helpful, and come with tips for better working and hints on how to use the stitch. There are many attractive photographs too of finished pieces showing how good the stitches can look, and finally a short section on fringing.

I've seen bigger, more detailed guides on the market but this one is ideal for a beginner. You don't need to know much about beads or embroidery to dive right in and get stitching, which is what a good basic book ought to be about. There are no projects, which is rather a pity as it is always good to see how a few stitches can come together to make something, but a search on the subject ought to produce some ideas, and at least after using this primer you will know how to embroider with beads.

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