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Cuddly Knitted Animals
Caprice Birker

Search Press
5 November 2013 (US 15 April 2013)/ ISBN 9781844489251
How-To Books/Knitting

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


Knit a whole zoo (and farmyard) of animals with this book. All you need is yarn and some needles to create a menagerie of friendly toys and fun washable ornaments.
You also need some knitting know-how of course, and the ability to read charts. But this is not an advanced book and those who might class themselves as improvers will be pleased with the clean, simple layout of the instructions. The basic features common to all of the beasties are outlined at the beginning to make it easier, and the patterns are all based on the same design. This doesn’t mean that they all look the same as they certainly don’t, but they do all possess a modern, streamlined appearance sure to appeal to a wide range of ages. Many homemade toys are described as cuddly but these actually look as if they would be–soft and squidgy to curl up with at night or hug for comfort. They don’t wear clothes, just their own hides, which can be adapted to look quite funky if desired. Each chapter has patterns for a pair of animal friends shown sitting together’ nice and large so you get a good view. Choose from pets like a dog and cat, farm animals such as a pig, sheep and horse, wild animals like a wolf or fox and zoo animals like an elephant, monkey and lion. Last but by no means least, is a unicorn and a dragon. This book was originally published in Germany and for a nice change, each yarn is described as what it is, rather than a particular brand. If you want to make some simple soft toys fast then this is a good book for just that.


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Reviewed 2014