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Decorative Wire Findings
Make Custom Clasps, Connectors, and More
Melody MacDuffee

Kalmbach Books
April 21, 2015 / ISBN 978-1627001700
Crafts & Hobbies/Jewelry

Reviewed by Linda Morelli


For those of us who have enjoy making jewelry but want to save on the cost, we now have a great new resource for saving money while making aesthetically pleasing and inexpensive components. Melody MacDuffee is a highly talented artist who provides an excellent resource for making innovative, intricate and beautiful spacers, gemstone settings, earring components, stunning wire bracelets and lacy necklaces. Each is totally unique in design, relatively easy to make and requires only wire and a few basic tools.

The book features multiple photos of stunning and original jewelry designs, with various stages of development and easy to follow directions that had me eager to start on a project. I’ve worked wire wrapping and picked a project that I felt might be a challenge for me, the “Floral Crystal Druzy Necklace,” yet the necklace is so visually stunning that I was determined to learn the techniques because I was certain the result would be worth the learning process. I was surprised by the ease of execution. It’s safe to say that, with the instructions as a guide, your own finished results will be gorgeous and unique pieces of jewelry that reveal your exceptional designs and talents.

Among the components that one learns to make are chandelier earrings, lacy wire and multi-loop spacers, cluster dangle earrings, bezeled settings, as well as linked chain and multi-strand bracelets and necklaces. The illustrated color photos make following the instructions easy. In my opinion, the book is worth its weight in gold for the technical basics featured that will teach us how to save us money and garner compliments galore.
Decorative Wire Findings is one of the best resources I’ve found yet, and one to which I will definitely refer to again and again.
Reviewer Linda Morelli is the award winning author of three published romance novels.
Reviewed 2015