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Japanese Paper Embroidery
Atsumi, Minako Chiba and Mari Kamio

Search Press
5 October 2015/ ISBN 9781782212485
How-To Books/Papercraft

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


Embroidery doesn’t have to be on fabric, you can also do it on paper and card to make beautiful items like greetings cards, notebooks, table decorations and more.

A few years ago embroidering greetings cards was a popular hobby with Holland being the main place the designs originated from. This is a different style that is very Japanese, combining an understated elegance with a sense of colorful fun and goes a lot further than just cards. The book is in three sections each in a different style by the three authors, complete with a short interview about inspiration and background. Here you can see all the items made up and displayed. Then comes a section about how to do it and what you need, and finally all the patterns. If you are familiar with the Dutch style of making holes and sewing up and down them this is not quite like that but more freestyle, or at least there are options for this. The “projects” are not laid out in the usual manner but exist as photographs in the relevant designer sections and then the patterns with their pointers on floss color, number of strands and stitch. Patterns are drawn in lines not dots and there are two pages of embroidery stitches to choose from so there is plenty of scope for customization. The stitch diagrams are clearly drawn and easy to follow, complete with a photograph of the finished stitches. Sweet bags, photo frames, place name cards, stationery, party ware and even a paper clock are some of the things you can make as well as cards, tags and tree decorations. There are abstract designs, names, numbers and letters, tiny motifs and messages, suitable both for new embroiderers and those with plenty of experience. A new twist on an old idea.

If you cannot find a good range of papercraft and embroidery materials locally try for a list of suppliers.

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Reviewed 2015