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Lakes, Rivers and Streams in Acrylics
What To Paint Series
Paul Apps

Search Press
2015 / ISBN 9781782210948

Reviewed by Rachel Hyde


If you have worked through some of the Ready To Paint books and feel confident enough to work from a tracing without the instructions this series is for you. The What To Paint books contain twenty four outlines with much briefer instructions. This equips the budding artist with the next stage in their skill development.

This book's pictures depict inland water in all its varied forms. From lily ponds to flooded water meadows, Tower Bridge to Yellowstone tyro artists have the chance to learn how to paint water in torrents, flat calm streams, ripples, mirror-like reflections, sunlight and snow. Turn to the back and there are the outlines to transfer to acrylic paper with a handy chart at the front showing small thumbnail images so you can easily select a scene to paint. Each project is described on two pages, one with a full page colored photograph of the finished work and the other with three close-ups of parts of the painting and detailed captions describing how to get the right effect. Before the projects there are helpful hints on painting reflections, working on a colored background, mixing the right green, choosing a palette and more. There are also instructions on how to transfer the outlines, necessary for anybody who has not used a Ready To Paint book. This series is also ideal for anybody wanting to try a different medium or range of subjects and there are some lovely pictures. Most of these are either in the south east of England, Scotland or parts of the US and cover many different subjects. They are the type of relaxing subjects that will make popular wall decorations and a great way to learn how to capture the many moods of water in acrylics.

If you cannot find a good range of acrylic art materials locally try for a list of suppliers.

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Reviewed 2015