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Leather Jewellery
Twenty to Make Series
Natalia Colman

Search Press
20 April 2015 / ISBN 9781782211990
How-To Books/Jewellery

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


It is not difficult to obtain bags of leather offcuts, and when leather bags or garments wear out you can give them a new lease of life. You don’t need much leather or materials to create a whole jewellery box filled with fun and fashionable pieces.

There is a page near the front showing you what you need to obtain, and most of it (if not all) you will already have. A rotary hole punch, awl, good cutting out scissors, eyelets… nothing too expensive or hard to obtain for many of the pieces. However, for some more crafted items tools such as leather glue, leather polish, a polymer mallet and the stamping tools are rather more specialized. It depends on what you want to make and how far you want to take your leather craft. There is something for all levels and tastes from wet forming leather to cutting simple strips, plaiting, rolling into beads, fringing, stamping and polishing. Pieces include necklaces, rings, chokers, bracelets, cuffs and bangles. Most are bold, chunky items in natural shades or bright colors that are sure to catch the eye and have a modern appeal. Each project has a full-page picture plus materials and written instructions. Patterns are not needed for the simple shapes and neither is a lot of jewellery-making knowledge. It is great to see a book on a subject that does not get much coverage that is so beginner friendly and easy to use.

If you cannot find a good range of leather crafting materials locally try for a list of suppliers.

Paper Panda has a website with materials at

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Reviewed 2015