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Mend and Make Fabulous
Denise Wild

Search Press
22 January 2014 / ISBN 9781782210290
How-To Books / Sewing

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


Even if you don’t sew you still want your clothes to look their best, and if you do, perhaps there is something you can add or take away to make the item look better. Or maybe you have an old garment that is no longer in fashion or is a trifle worn. Instead of throwing it away, why not upcycle it instead?

Here is a whole book about mending and upcycling. There are two types of page in here, those labeled ”mend it,” and those labeled ”make it fabulous.” Find out how to repair tears in most fabrics, fix a broken lingerie strap or clasp, redye a faded item and sort out a bunched seam. Or why not change a garment by adding a ruffle, adding a colorful statement patch or swap boring buttons for something different? None of this is difficult to do, but even if you have been on a sewing course these are the things you won’t have learned. The book is divided into sections, such as seams, color, fastenings, garment care etc, and under each heading in the index you can see the various topics, grouped under the two headings. Each project features Search Press? excellent photographic and captioned stages, plus tips and a good image of the fault before and after. At the back you can find a useful section about laundering various fabrics, a list of tools used and glossary of terms. These useful methods are the sort of thing most of us need to know, but this is the first time I have seen a book that shows you how it is done, and so simply, too. A staple addition to just about all women’s bookcases -- indispensable.



UK Reviewer: Rachel Hyde's work can be found in Sewing World, Sew Hip, Popular Crafts and other magazines. Her craft blog is Green Thoughts
Reviewed 2014