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Mini Knitted Toys
Sachiyo Ishii

Search Press
15 October 2015/ ISBN 9781782211457
How-To Books/Knitting

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


Spark a child’s imagination or deck your home with amusing conversation pieces when you make the items in this book. There are over thirty projects in here and a great way of using up all that leftover yarn and, as the items are all small, they are ideal for making up in between larger projects. This is not a primer for people who cannot yet knit, but is suitable for those who do not yet have much experience. Projects start easy and progress to being more advanced, a good touch. You don’t need much equipment or materials either, and knitters will have most if not all of it already. There is a helpful section at the front on sewing up, stuffing, basic embroidery stitches and making i-cords, and the rest of the book is devoted to the projects. These are grouped into themes so the items can either be displayed in a tableau, or be a starting point for imaginative play. Fairy tale characters, dinosaurs, aliens with their own spacecraft, a castle under siege with knitted knights and my own favorite, a woolly mammoth with cavemen, make up some of the larger sets, while smaller groups include animal families, balls, planes and animals in costumes. Some would look great hanging on a Christmas tree (snowmen, penguins, fairies) and there are a handful of finger puppets.

Each pattern is in written form with photos of the finished item posed with an appropriate background. Size is given, plus materials and a difficulty level. Everything is made flat and sewn up and there are no charts and no interim photographs, although the instructions are clear enough to anybody with a modicum of knitting knowledge. This is an attractive and user-friendly book that is sure to give knitters of all ages and abilities a lot of fun.

If you cannot find a good range of knitting materials locally try for a list of suppliers.

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