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Rubber Band Jewellery
Twenty To Make Series
Pam Leach

Search Press
21 August 2014/ ISBN 9781782211907
How-To Books / Jewellery

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


Unless you have only just arrived on the planet you must be aware by now of the latest craze: loom bands! Search Press has jumped onto the bandwagon and produced a book of twenty wearable designs featuring those ubiquitous wee bands.

As the subtitle says loom and hook you don’t need a loom to make everything in the book, and of course you need a hook anyway. The back and front covers feature foldout pages where you can find out the basic technique using a hook, and at the back a loom, which is handy. You can unfold it and it is visible while you work on a more complex piece. Although at some point an adult book is going to be produced by somebody this is another one featuring children as models, and all the familiar styles are here including bracelets, earrings, necklaces, a hand/foot tanga and charms. Each project has a page-sized photo of the finished item being worn, and on the other page what you need and the instructions. Due to the small format of the book there is not room for many staged photos but there are always a few, once as many as eight and a picture of the loaded loom. My advice is to start at the beginning and go onwards if you are a complete beginner as loom band work is unlike anything else and you need to get into it to understand the more complex pieces at the end. For once everything is available from one place, an excellent website that I use a lot (see below). Overseas crafters will have to locate their materials elsewhere, but for once this is not going to be too difficult. A delightful introduction to the hobby that is small enough to be carried around with one of those portable looms and suitable for all.


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Reviewed 2014