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Stitched Fabric Brooches
Twenty To Make Series
Alex McQuade

Search Press
24 February 2014/ ISBN 9781782210405
How-To / Jewellery

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


Make brooches and pins out of scraps of fabric for the ultimate upcycling experience! You don’t need much to make a whole lot of pretty shabby chic style adornments just basic sewing materials, scraps of fabric and pin backs. As with all the titles in this series inside these covers are twenty projects, although there are an extra twenty as each project has a suggestion of how to change it slightly. Many of these pins are round in shape, inspired by flowers, tractor wheels and rosettes, others are in fun shapes such as a Scottie dog, snail, butterfly, house, heart and holly leaves. A lot of the fabric has been obtained from old garments or household items, and close inspection of the photos show blankets, lace, tweed, felt and more, Buttons, washers, wire, sequins, yarn and other materials are pressed into service, showing that recycling can be a lot more fun than just going to the local tip. Each project has a page-sized photo while opposite are instructions, a list of tools and materials plus an idea of how to alter the basic idea. Although a badge maker is hinted at as an option, it is possible to make everything in the book just using what most stitchers already own. You don’t even need a sewing machine to make most of the items, and the templates are all given at the back a fun and innovative addition to the series.

UK Reviewer: Rachel Hyde's work can be found in Sewing World, Sew Hip, Popular Crafts and other magazines. Her craft blog is Green Thoughts
Reviewed 2014