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A Crayon Box for Quilters
Vanessa Christenson

Search Press
18 May 2015/ ISBN 9781940655109
How-To Books/Quilting

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


This is book three in the colour series subtitled "A Crayon Box For Quilters" and follows Red and Orange by looking at the color yellow, and all that can be done with it. As with the other two it gives a brief introduction to the color and its place on the wheel and how the color is obtained as a dye then and now. Learn the difference between a hue, a value and a tint and take a look at what colors go best with it. There are six projects to make in the main section, four quilts and two smaller projects which are laid out beautifully, along with the rest of this attractive book. This is not a beginners book but suitable for improvers and up, each project having steps with simple but clear diagrams but all the basics being understood as known by the reader. The two smaller projects are a beautiful clutch purse with a sunburst design and a zipper pouch designed as a gift for a teacher. There is something special about a book dedicated to a color, and the combination of the spacious layout, lush bright colors, hard board covers and attractive projects makes this a series worth collecting.

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Reviewed 2015