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Susanne Schaadt

Search Press
19 October 2015/ ISBN 9781782212348
How-To Books/Art

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


In an increasingly busy world, it is vital to take time out and relax. One way to aid this and enter a zen-like state of mindfulness is in activities like drawing and coloring, and here is a method that involves all of this and more.

This book is subtitled “Meditative drawing to calm your inner self” and this describes the process in a nutshell. Using just plain paper and a fine line black pen, fill shapes in with repetitive patterns, adding color if desired. Here are pages of sample patterns to start you off, blank shapes to trace/photocopy/scan and print, and ideas as to what to draw and what to do with your finished work. After a brief description of the method, this book gets on with the practical, showing how to draw each pattern in simple steps. Each step adds the new lines in red, the existing part drawn in black so you can easily see what is happening. There are geometric patterns, scattered shapes, individual drawings and decorative lines, as well as ideas on dividing up shapes and tips for using the book with children. I was instantly itching to get started and pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to produce something attractive, and by the fact that here at least was one craft that did not involve a lot of spending! There are some ideas as to what to do with your work and, at the back, a handy overview of the patterns, although putting this at the front and making each thumbnail sketch a bit larger would have been even better. This aside, this is the best book of its kind I have seen and definitely one for the keeper shelf.

If you cannot find a good range of drawing and coloring materials locally try for a list of suppliers.

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Reviewed 2015