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The Art of Laurel Burch Coloring Book
Laurel Burch

C&T Publishing (distributed in the UK by Search Press)
21 September 2016/ ISBN 9781617452765
How-To Books/Coloring

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


There are a vast number of coloring books on the market right now, so when something a bit different comes along it is going to be welcome. This book has over forty-five drawings to color in, all drawn in this artist’s distinctive style. There are fantastic animals (particularly cats, horses and birds), flowers and foliage, women and inspiring words, often all on the same page. Some designs are fairly intricate, others very simple and a few you could add your own doodles zentangle style to if you wish. Also unlike many other coloring books, this is squarely aimed at adult women, although I imagine others will like it too. The paper is bright white and not too thin, although falling into the paper category rather than thin card. Lines are mostly black and vary in width, but are rarely thin and not computer generated. The print quality varies with some drawings, looking like scans or copies from drawings which no doubt they are, emphasizing the feeling that you are coloring in the artist’s sketchbook. Reading the back cover, this is what the publishers are aiming for and it gives an extra dimension to the coloring experience, rather akin to adding color to one’s own work. To give the work an authentic Laurel Burch look, there is a color scheme on the inside of the back cover and also some pictures of finishing work inside the front cover. Pictures are printed one side of the page only and none disappear into the spine; many have a large white area around them which could be filled in with your own background or text. Pencils as usual would be the best medium to opt for, although if you place a sheet of paper under the page you can also use water based pens. Permanent markers like Sharpies or watercolor paints are not advised. A book aimed at pleasing the more sophisticated colorist.

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Reviewed 2016