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Cattastic Crafts
DIY Project for Cats and Cat People
Mariko Ishikawa

Search Press
14 July 2016/ ISBN 9781940552262
How-To Books/General Craft

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


Dog owners tend to be spoilt for choice when selecting toys and other items in stores, but cats are often left out. Redress the balance with this book of over thirty projects to make for (and featuring) your cat.

I wish I had had a book like this when I had a cat! I love the way, in most cases, the materials used are things that often get thrown away, or are at least inexpensive and easy to obtain. Transform a cardboard box into a cat house, find a use for the odd socks and gloves your dryer does not eat and even press into use plastic bags, tinfoil and old T-shirts. You can also dress your cat up with garments and hats, make a box for tidying away toys or food, a variety of toys and several beds. Many of the items are very quick and simple to make, but others require a few more tools and a bit of previous knowledge; for example, the woodworking ones. Make your own foldaway cat gym that doubles as storage for toys, a cozy bed or raised container for food and drink bowls. Each project has a handsome full page photo of the finished item being enjoyed by two of the author’s beautiful cats, as well as clear steps illustrated with drawn colored diagrams. These are easy to follow, and make even the woodwork sound pretty simple and a mere step up from assembling flat pack furniture. As well as items for the cat, there are cat-themed projects such as how to turn a notebook into a scrapbook, transform a plain T-Shirt with photos of your cat and iron-on transfer paper or create a placemat, tissue box covers or stationery with a moggy theme. This is an attractive and very user-friendly book that shows how much fun you (and your cat) can have with not very much.

If you cannot find a good range of general craft materials locally, visit for a list of suppliers.

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Reviewed 2016