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Crochet Flowers
35 Delightful Blooms for Beginners
Tanya Shliazhko

Search Press
15 January 2016/ ISBN 9781782213819
How-To Books/Crochet

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


There are thirty-five different flowers in this book to crochet; all ideal for adorning garments, furnishings, cards and anything else you can think of. The best part is that this is also a wonderful way of learning to crochet as the subtitle contains the magic words ”step by step“ and ”beginners“. A lot of beginner books contain projects which are a bit large and daunting, also that have one very specific use. These wee flowers make up fast and use the basic stitches to great effect, as well as using up oddments of yarn and being a very enjoyable way of doing a lot with a little. They even have the added benefit of not looking very easy to make!

I have seen a large number of books on how to crochet over the years, but this one without a doubt has the best staged photographs I have yet to see. They manage to be quite small and numerous, while combining the winning features of colored yarn and a strongly contrasting hook. No interim stages have been omitted and they truly are foolproof. You can learn all the basics here, including reading charts and getting to grips with all those abbreviations. Patterns include a photograph of the finished item plus staged photographs showing how to do all the stages. These are also all easy to see and follow, not arranged strictly in order of difficulty but roughly. There is also a handy double page spread showing thumbnails of all the flowers. Choose from plenty of garden favorites such as lilies, roses, crocus, gerberas, chrysanthemums, tulips, daisies, etc., as well as various leaves. At the back is a short section of projects where you can make a lacy summer stole, placemat, decorated pillow cover, tote bag and jewelry. There is a resources page with links to various sites not only in the author’s native Canada, but in several other countries, a nice touch. The only alloy in all this is the author’s choice of a rather non-standard crochet hook size of 3.25mm, but at least this is used in all the projects so you can get by with just this one hook and plenty of 4-ply yarn. This is one for the keeper shelf and possibly the best beginner book on crochet I have seen - do not miss.

If you cannot find a good range of crochet materials locally try for a list of suppliers.


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Reviewed 2016