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Hand-Printing Studio
15 Projects to Color Your Life
Betsy Olmsted

Search Press
1 April 2016/ ISBN 9781617451478
How-To Books/Printing

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


Make your mark and print on “almost anything,” as the cover says, with this useful primer. Learn how to do various types of printmaking techniques and decorate fabric, metal, glass, wood and even skin!

This is a well laid out book that is easy to use and get good results from. Three basic techniques are covered, namely block, screen and transfer printing, and each chapter includes several projects (fifteen in all). To begin, there is an overview about designing, including repeats and different types of image, various options to actual drawing and color mixing. There is another chapter that deals with what to print on, including a helpful table so you don’t buy the wrong product. The three main sections firstly teach you what you need to buy and how to use it, and then offers several projects covering different aspects of it. The author has a fun, chatty style of teaching, and instructions include enough staged photographs as well as tips for getting it right. Designs are fun and modern, and items to print on are very varied. These include a metal garden planter decorated with a repeat design of snails, a tomato-stealing squirrel cushion, seedpod kaftan, triangle printed coffee table, a bandana with a bison and the author’s young children printed to look like animals. Full-sized patterns are included at the back, and there is even a page suggesting ways of selling your wares. In short, this is the type of book that makes learning a new skill accessible and enjoyable by telling you what you need to know to do it well, but not swamping the beginner with a superfluity of information. One for the keeper shelf.

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Reviewed 2016