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How To See It, How To Draw It
The Perspective Workbook
Matthew Brehm

Search Press
2 February 2016/ ISBN 9781782212768
How-To Books/Art

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


One of the most important things to master when you are learning how to draw is perspective; it is also one of the most difficult. In this primer the author and various other artists show how to get the better of it and thus improve your skills.

This is not the sort of book to breeze through in a short time; to get the best out of it you will need to read it through more than once. There are practical exercises to try out, lots of diagrams and descriptions of what is going on to work through. Some mathematical skills are a great help. After a brief history of perspective use in art, the author explains the different types and then dedicates a chapter to each of them. One, two and three-point perspective, multi and curvilinear are all explored, and finally there is a workbook to try it all out. Each chapter is divided into four sections with a page of explanations at the front to show how to use it. Seeing it, understanding it, applying it and how-to sequence are the section headings. There is plenty to look at and plenty to read. A slightly thicker and larger font would have been easier on the eye here as the print is small and thin, but there is a lot to get in with these complex topics. Several pages of diagrams, grids, drawings and photos with captions show how it all works, and turning to the back, there are blank grids with links for downloading so you can have a go. I found this to be the best part, as all that wee print and involved drawing was useful, but I personally got more out of it all after I had had a go myself. This is not surprising, perhaps, as art is a practical subject, and if you are looking for an exhaustive guide to perspective this is a good choice.

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Reviewed 2016